"Mind is the bridge between the body and soul" - Diwakar Sukul PhD

About Kamkus

Kamkus was established in 1998 as the first Multidimensional Healthcare Clinic in Harley Street, London. At Kamkus, the key to our success is our holistic approach, where each patient is seen as a whole. We are proud to offer a multidimensional assessment carried out by a medical doctor, psychologist and complementary medicine practitioner and provide you with a holistic understanding of your health. After your healthcare assessment we help you to choose the most suitable treatment from the range of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine.

BMETM (Body, Mind and Energy)

At Kamkus the our key approach is a belief in the principle of Multi-Dimensional Healthcare, which reconciles the very best of Eastern and Western Integrated Medicine available today where the conventional medicine can be supported by complementary and alternative medicine for holistic health and optimum well-being.

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Multi-Dimensional Assessment

As evidence has shown, an individual's wellbeing is dependent upon the balance between the various dimensions in her/his life hence we have developed an exclusive multi-dimensions assessment. At the Kamkus you will receive an individualised treatment designed specially to address your needs.

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Kamkus Multidimensional Services

Physical Wellbeing (Body) - The biophysical expression of health (carried out by a medical doctor).
Mental/Emotional Wellbeing (Mind) - The emotional and mental aspects of health (carried out by a psychologist or counsellor)

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Founder's Vision

Dr Diwakar Sukul, PhD CPsychol

MA(C Psych), PGDBM, Dip in Addictive Behaviour (London), Dip. E. Hy. Psy. NLP (BHR),TFTdx



Founder / Director The Kamkus Group of Clinics
(Director Integrated Medicine).

The concept of Multi-Dimensional approach to health care was conceived by Dr. Sukul after intensive research for the last two decades. His study enabled him to gain insights into the dynamics of human health which helped him to pioneer a radical approach to health and well-being.

Dr.Sukul believes that balance in all dimensions of our life and existence is necessary for total well-being and has created the Body, Mind and Energy (BMETM) metric to assess and treat patients in an effective way.

Kamkus Clinic embraces a holistic philosophy which offers an in depth assessment and treatment programme by leading practitioners from the field of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine.



At Kamkus our approach is driven by the principle of Multi-Dimensional Healthcare which reconciles the very best of Eastern and Western Integrated Medicine available today. Where the conventional medicine is not enough and complementary or alternative medicine can help. Our philosophy is to offer the best line of treatment to the client from the range of integrative medicine after comprehensive assessment.


Comprehensive Assessment,
Formulation of best and right health care package by professionals from modern, alternative and complementary medicine,
Report including main problems, line and cost of treatment given to the client after BME assessment,
Health care professionals are sharing the progress of the clients on a regular basis,
The director of clinical services is monitoring and readjusting the care package if needed,
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